Huntington Museum of Art

I’m a big believer in being a tourist in your own city. When I visit my family, I always try to do this in my hometown area. During this visit, I was determined to finally make it to the Huntington Museum of Art. My mom and sister volunteered to go with me.

The Huntington Museum of Art just celebrated its 60th anniversary in November. Located in Huntington, West Virginia, the HMOA is the largest museum in WV. It’s open every day of the week but Monday. Admission is only $5, and on Tuesdays it’s free. Luckily, we accidentally went on a Tuesday!

Huntington Museum of Art Huntington, West VirginiaSome of the exhibits we saw were antique firearms, glassware, Near Eastern art and rugs, and American and European paintings, sketches, and sculptures. My favorite was the Near Eastern collection full of beautiful items from the Arabic world.Art Gallery Painting

art gallery

art gallery The conservatory also had a piece by Dale Chihuly. I’ve always seen photos of his work but had never had the chance to see it with my own eyes.

Dale Chihuly Not only does the HMOA display artwork, but it also has a conservatory filled with so many rare plants and even a few animals.

 pomegranate treeA pomegranate tree from Iran. macro frog


I’m glad I went, and I definitely recommend going if you’re around the Huntington area. Be a tourist in your city!

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