A Tiger Does Not Father a Dog

This week I am teaching at an orientation for new teachers who will go to China in August. This is my 5th year helping in the wonderfully exciting state of Arkansas.

Perhaps I’ll post more about the training soon, but right now I want to share some Chinese proverbs I was reading in the training manual. It lists some popular American proverbs that have Chinese equivalents. Some of them are tooo funny, including the one that I used to title this post. Look  at each Chinese proverb that is listed first and see if you can guess the English equivalent. I wasn’t very successful when I tried!

A tiger does not father a dog. (Hu fu wu quan zi.) Like father, like son.

Bitten by a snake on one morning, afraid of the rope by the well for ten years. (Yi zhao bei she yao, shi nian pa jing sheng.) Once bitten, twice shy.

There is no person that has 1,000 good days in a row and no flower that stays red for 100 days. (Ren wu qian ri hao, hua wu bai ri hong.) All good things come to an end.

A daughter-in-law who suffers will one day become a mother-in-law. (Xifu ao cheng po.) What goes around comes around.

– When the old man from the frontier lost his horse, how could one have known that it would not be fortuitous. (Sai weng shima, yan shi fei fu.)- Every cloud has a silver lining.  [This one makes me chuckle but makes sense!]

– Even water gets stuck in your teeth. ( He kou liang shui dou neng sai ya feng.)- When it rains, it pours.

If you don’t enter the tiger’s den, how will you get the tiger’s cub? ( Bu ru hu xue, yan de hu zi.) Nothing ventured, nothing gained. [There’s quite a few about tigers, huh?]

One can not get fish and bear’s paw at the same time. (Yu yu xiong zhang bu ke jian de.) One can’t have one’s cake and eat it too.  [I don’t get this one at all! Hehe.]

Were you able to guess any of them? I like some of the Chinese translations better, as they seem more poetic to me somehow. Are there any proverbs in other cultures that you have encountered that make you chuckle? If so, please share! And, as always, please share this post on your social media if you enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “A Tiger Does Not Father a Dog

  1. Nice. These are always interesting. And yes, please write about your training experience! I’m curious! Hugs from Thailand.

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