College Souvenirs

College. Oh, college. It’s a special time in life. Friends are made, habits are formed, and sometimes you pick up a thing or two. One is hopefully a degree. But, sometimes you pick up something you weren’t quite expecting….like a disease. Yes. I admit it. Shamefully, I contracted a disease in college. It’s called boxfanitus. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

I lived in the dorms, which are often quite loud. I bought a box fan to drown out my noisy roommate. And the neighbors. And the girl on the basketball team who lived above me and insisted on dribbling her basketball. Incessantly. The fan worked really well to help me fall asleep peacefully.

However, it also created an addiction, a sickness, a disease. 10 years later, I still use a fan to sleep. In fact, I can’t sleep without a fan buzzing in the background. I wear out fans, because I run them all night, every night.

This also creates a problem when traveling. Most normal people don’t have boxfanitus, so they don’t offer you the droning noise of a fan to help lull you to sleep. A hotel usually doesn’t come equipped with a fan. What’s a girl to do?! Praise the good Lord in heaven that there are now sound machine apps that can recreate that soothing fan noise! My iPhone has been my savior many a trip now.

I wish I could kick this habit, get rid of this disease. Are there recovery groups for this? I’d imagine not. A pill you can take? Oh well. I guess I’m stuck with boxfanitus for life.

Counting Sheep

I know most people count sheep to try to fall asleep, but I am always doing uh, unique, things when I can’t sleep. I started my first method when I was a kid. I tried to name all my cousins. For some people, this may be an easy accomplishment. However, when your dad has 12 brothers and sisters, you end up with more than 30 first cousins. I seriously remember lying in my bed in 2nd or 3rd grade trying to name every cousin I have and always falling asleep before I finished.

My next technique started after moving to China. I try and count in Chinese as high as I can. Yi, er, san, snoooooze. That one usually works pretty well. I guess I started this one just because I was practicing my Chinese.

My newest method has been trying to name all the airports I have been in. I guess this one started a few months ago when I was buying a plane ticket. I started wondering if I had been to a certain airport, and I really didn’t know. So, that night in bed I tried to think of all the airports I have been through. It was quite a few! More than 25 I’m sure.

I got to thinking that these might be strange ways to try and fall asleep, but maybe others have even weirder things they count or name in order to make themselves sleepy. What works for you?

Sleeping Asians

Well, if I learned one thing while living overseas, it was that Asians can sleepĀ almost anywhere! I myself don’t feel comfortable falling asleep in front of people, but I saw so many people in China and some Southeast Asian countries that were asleep in the strangest places! And I always ended up taking a picture of it!Ā 

Hey, uh, can I have a ride? No? Hmm...Ok. Enjoy your nap!

Excuse me. I'd like to buy a painting. *snore*

I hope that one day I am talented enough to pull this one off! My absolute favorite.

Neck crink c/o sleeping on the bus.