But I Won’t Do That

There’s a lot of crazy things I have done or would do. Yes, I’ll try crazy foods. (I’ve eaten dog in China. Please don’t cry!) Yes, I’ll speak in front of a crowd of hundreds of people. And yes, I’ll travel across the world by myself. But, no matter how adventurous I may seem, I would never go to space. That’s some scary junk!

First, can you imagine the ride to get there? That’s a bit too fast for me. I feel like I’d get motion sickness and throw up. Puke in an enclosed space is never a good time.

And there are just a few too many things that could go wrong. Actually, I think paranoia is the main reason I wouldn’t go. What if something happened with my suit while I’m tethered to the ship fixing the um, subwoofer? Wait, that’s not a space-y term is it? Uh, the communications module? What if the tether broke and I just floated out in space and they couldn’t reach me? How much more alone could you feel than being in space? I guess now when astronauts go to space it’s not that bad because they take a bunch of people at a time, but when people first started going, they were all alone. I think that’s the main thing I would hate.

Aliens. There’s always aliens. Ok, so maybe I watch waaay too many alien movies. But yeah, there’s always aliens.

I do think it would be a beautiful site to see the moon, the earth, stars, and the rest of the beautiful cosmos. Don’t get me wrong on that. But, when they start doing civilian tours to space, know that I probably won’t be purchasing a ticket.

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