Big City Livin’

New York City is the largest city in the US, population-wise, at a bit over 8 million people. While living in China, I lived in Hangzhou, a city of almost 9 million. My hometown is teeny tiny with a population of only 12,000, and I now live in a city of only 31,000. Even though I lived in the outskirts of that Chinese city, I still got used to big city livin’ over those 2 years. In fact, I miss it! Here’s why:

1) I liked that I could just hop on a bus and go do something interesting and exciting when I had free time. There is ALWAYS something to do or a new place to explore. Some neighborhood you’ve never seen, some site you haven’t checked out…

2) I also appreciated having things within walking distance. I was just thinking of this last night as I was sitting in my house dreading going to Walmart to buy some bananas. Why couldn’t I just walk a block to the little fruit stand? I also miss just walking around and exploring for fun. You can get your exercise in while you take a little stroll. In the city that I live in now, I’d get run over, or I’d have 10 friends stop and ask if I need a ride. Seriously, try to take a walk down a main road in non-sporty clothes and see the stares you’ll get.

3) I love the different cultures of big cities. You’ll find people of all races and from many different countries. And you know what that means? It means Ethiopian food when you’re craving it. It means going for a Taiwanese milk tea or to Japanese karaoke.

4) I need to live in a city that has a major airport. I am so tired of traveling an hour and a half to a small airport and two and a half hours to any major airport. I travel for work and for pleasure, so being that far from an airport is just plain annoying. Oh how I long to have a major airport right in my city once again!

My dad actually said to me this past weekend that he was surprised that I’m still living in the city I’m in. He said he sees me more in Columbus, or Pittsburgh, or Nashville. I think that sometimes myself. Maybe that’s why I travel so much; I can’t experience this here.  Sure there are things about big cities that aren’t good-traffic, higher crime rates, etc. But, for now, I’m missing the big city livin’.

Me and my friends in NYC- Japanese, Colombian, American, and Zimbabwean.