I’m a 30 year old  English professor who taught English at a university in China for 2 years where I ate silk worms, appeared on tv, and learned about communism. I’m back in the US now teaching at a university, but I travel whenever and wherever I can. I also love to photograph everything I see! I write about teaching, learning, language, culture, travel, and other random topics when the urge arises. I hope you enjoy this blog!

Places I’ve been:
South Korea
Puerto Rico

Delicious Things I’ve Feasted On:
silk worms
duck blood
cow tongue
duck neck
shark fin soup
pig brain
cow stomach

Favorite Sights:
Great Wall of China
Angkor Wat Temples, Cambodia
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Downtown Tokyo
North Korean Border

You can follow me on Twitter @FugettAshley

(All photos on my blog were taken by me unless otherwise stated. Please respect my ownership of the photos.) 


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, great blog! I have recently started up a website that features blogs from people teaching around the world. It’s designed to be a resource for new teachers, and those thinking about giving it a go. We are building the portfolio of writers at the minute, how would you feel about us featuring your blog? You don’t have to do any work, I will update it whenever you add a new post. As it’s a new site, we mainly have teachers in Thailand (that’s where I work) so your blog from Japan would be amazing! If you’re interested have a look at the site http://www.teflbloggers.com and drop me an email laura.warton@yahoo.co.uk. I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch this way, I just came across your blog and thought it’s exactly what we are looking for! Thanks

  2. Hello Ashley,

    I am Christian nice to meet you!
    How did you like your time in China? What was the experience like?

    In a month I will be at Temple University in Japan, and I might travel to China!

    • Nice to meet you too! I LOVED my time in China! I just spent 2 weeks in Japan recently and enjoyed it too. I hope you get to travel to China while you’re there too. Asia is so fun!

      • Yeah, I just checked out your blog a little more and saw that! I think that is amazing! Can’t wait to see and read more about any of your future travels! 😀

    • Aw! Thanks for missing me! I went to China for a few weeks, and I’ve just been a major slacker. I’m almost finished teaching for the semester, so hopefully I can crank out more posts!

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