Why Did I Just Pay Someone To Injure Me?

Tonight I had a Taiwanese/Chinese foot massage.

When I lived in China, a few American friends and I used to get a massage almost weekly. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not used to them anymore or if this one was just extra intense, but yowzer! Did I really pay someone to hurt me?! Did I actually hand a man money for jabbing his elbow into me?


One can clearly see in this picture that my dude was trying to break my ankle.

Ok, ok. It wasn’t too bad. There were times when he pressed on certain parts of my feet, and it hurt though. You know how your feet are supposed to correspond to certain parts of your body? Well, maybe my spleen is bad, or perhaps my windpipe is in bad shape. (Hey, it’s on the list, along with genital gland!)


Chinese massages are said to be healing. They can increase blood flow, remove blockages, help the lymphatic system, and remove toxins and waste. Maybe they’re not supposed to be pleasurable but just beneficial. My friend thought it would be a great idea for me to have one tonight since I’m sick. Traditional Chinese medicine for the win!

And I’m kinda obsessed with the sounds that are made during a Chinese massage. Watch my ultra, super-secret iphone video to see what I mean.

While living in China, I also had fire cupping done on my feet, and I also had a blind massage (massage done by a blind person). There was also that one time we had Chinese women hanging off ropes on the ceiling and walking on our backs, but that’s a whole other blog post! Have you had a Chinese massage before? If so, how did you like it? I fully expect my diaphragm to be feeling better by the morning!


6 thoughts on “Why Did I Just Pay Someone To Injure Me?

    • I had a Thai one on the beach once, and I don’t remember it feeling particularly painful. I want you to have a Chinese one, so I can hear what you think! Hehe.

  1. Ahhh, the memories your posts bring back to me of Taiwan. While we were in Taipei, some friends came to visit and wanted to get foot massages. Two of us got the massages while one had a video camera. The practitioner thought our reactions were funny, and at one point, before starting something new, he turned to the friend with the camera and made a motion that said something like “You won’t want to miss this.” If anyone had caused me that much pain in another setting I would have called the police.

    • I definitely should have taken videos of all the crazy Chinese massages I’ve had. Now I’d really like to get a nice US, oil massage. Ah… Thanks for reading Craig!

  2. As a Reflexologist in Portland, Oregon, I see clients often that had experiences like you. The faction of people that believe pain is the gateway to healing are balanced by those of us that believe light touch is just, if not more, as therapeutic. You should be feeling more free, lighter on your feet and restored after reflexology!

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