I Now Know What A Taiwanese Hospital Is Like

Yesterday I started feeling really poorly, and I mean pretty bad, so my friends insisted I go to the hospital today. Doctors’ offices are closed on Sundays, so off to the Taiwanese hospital it was for me!

American goes to Taiwanese hospital

Turns out I have an acute respiratory infection, probably from the high humidity, a low-grade fever, and am very close to having heat exhaustion. I was prescribed 3 medicines and sent on my way.

Taiwanese Cough Medicine


I was also told not to stay outside so much and to drink more water. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was hot here! And when you’re out walking around in it for 9 hours a day, that doesn’t help much either.


And my colleague thought it’d be a fun idea to take a picture of me during this adventure.


Thanks Mackay Memorial Hospital for helping me get on the road to recovery! Oh the adventures I always seem to have while traveling!



7 thoughts on “I Now Know What A Taiwanese Hospital Is Like

  1. Take good care, Ashley! Sorry to hear you had to visit the hospital, but I’m glad you have friends to take care of you! Told you the toilet food was gross!!! šŸ˜›

    • Yes, it was good having friends to help. Otherwise, I’m not sure what I would have done! One even drove me to the hospital in his car. Ooh la la! Hehe. Thanks for the well wishes. And yep, it was probably the toilet food that did me in! That really made me LOL!

  2. Please tell more! What was it like? Hospitals make me so excited. Were there long lines? How was the doctor? How much did you pay? Do they have a insurance system or do patients pay everything? Where did you buy medicines? What are nurses like?

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