Modern Toilet Restaurant- Taipei, Taiwan

I ate out of a toilet today. So, there’s that.

The Modern Toilet Restaurant is just one of many themed restaurants in Taiwan. There are others, such as hospital or airplane-themed, but the toilet-themed must be the strangest and most unique of them all.

                           toilet restaurant Taiwan                   toilet restaurant Taiwan


They serve drinks out of urinals and food out of toilets, both the Asian-style “squatty potty” and Western-style toilets. The most popular are chocolate ice cream and also curry, and you can see why. You sit on toilets instead of seats, there are showers are on the wall, and you can buy poo themed souvenirs.


toilet restaurant Taiwan


curry in Taiwan

toilet restaurant Taiwan


toilet restaurant Taiwan

toilet restaurant Taiwan

If you’re ever in Taipei, visit this restaurant. The food is actually quite good, you’ll get some great pictures, and have a few laughs!



12 thoughts on “Modern Toilet Restaurant- Taipei, Taiwan

      • Not sure about it being an Asian thing. I never saw anything remotely like it in six years of living in Hong Kong… but with those wacky people in Taiwan, you never know. πŸ™‚

  1. Toilet humor is definitely an Asian thing. I shall never truly get it. (and that goes more for South Korea and Japan than China. HK however has too much class)

    They have some of these restaurants in the mainland, I’ve been morbidly curious but never set foot inside. I heard the food isn’t even that good. It’s a gimmick, worth going and taking pictures and having a laugh, but if the food isn’t good I’m in no hurry.

  2. Hi Ashley
    That is definitely one of the strangest themed places I have ever heard of…..
    The question ‘why’ comes to mind????
    Why toilet?
    Why poo souvneirs?
    Why toilet seats?
    Why, why, why???? hahaha

    I would love to go there just for the experience…..I KNOW I would laugh my head off being there…..Working in a restaurant I appreciate the uniqueness and creativity they have!!! Strange but creative!! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing…….


    • I asked all the same questions!! Haha. Why did someone first come up with this idea?! I giggled almost the whole time I was there. It was just so strange and funny! Thanks for reading Rolain! I always enjoy you stopping by my blog. πŸ™‚

  3. I couldn’t eat there, my imagination is too active! I’m actually a little sick just looking at it. There’s one in Japan I hear, too. Ug. Yes, Asian humor. Glad you enjoyed it though πŸ™‚ You look great!

    • Definitely Asian humor! I seriously giggled the whole time I was there. It was just too silly. I did not eat the curry dish though. I just couldn’t handle that one! And thanks for the compliment! Oh, and I like being in the same time zone with you for a while! :]

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