Learning, Disconnecting, and Adventuring

Some people are scared of change; some people thrive on it. I fall more into the latter category. I get bored if things never change. I need movement in life, fluidity, and unexpected opportunities. So, I always welcome the new year and see it as a time to plan some changes. Here are 3 simple ideas for changes and improvements for the upcoming year.

1. Learn something new.
This might mean paying a $50 audit fee to take that college abnormal psychology class you’ve always been interested in. It might mean watching a series of YouTube videos to teach yourself how to cook French food. It may simply mean reading a book about a topic you’re interested in. Learn something this year. In fact, don’t stop at one-learn several somethings!

2. Spend less time with your electronics.
How much more could we all accomplish in life if we disconnected more? Think about how many of our activities revolve around our electronics-playing on social media, watching Netflix, playing a game system, messing around on our phones, and I could go on and on. When I was a kid, in the summers, my mom made us have 1 day a week that was “no tv day”. I remember I’d always be upset about it at first, but those always ended up being the days I had the most adventures. If we disconnect, we would have time to get outdoors and take that walk to become healthier; we’d be able to paint the spare bedroom like we’ve been wanting to do for the past 2 years. We would connect more face-to-face with our friends and family. Give yourself a no tv day this year!

3. Go on an adventure.
We all tend to think of adventures as huge ordeals. Yes, taking a trip to Japan is indeed an adventure. However, going hiking an hour away from your house at that state park you’ve been wanting to go to is also an adventure. I try to do things very often that are adventurous in order to spice up my life. When you’re taking a road trip somewhere, pull off at the town you’ve always seen the sign for and been curious about. Yes, I’ve traveled to quite a few places and had quite a few adventures, but I’m going to tell you about the most mundane adventure I’ve had. There’s a convenience store on the way to the park that I’ve passed by 100s of times. For some strange reason, it has always intrigued me. I was telling my friend that as we drove by once, and he said, “Well, let’s go in then.” And we did, and it was not that exciting of a place. But, the point is, I did something I had been wanting to do, to see, or to explore. I still think about that day. How weird is that? So, no matter how mundane, go on an adventure!

These are my 3 tips to enjoy 2014. Do you have any you would add? Please share if you know anyone who would benefit from these tips. Happy New Year!

One thought on “Learning, Disconnecting, and Adventuring

  1. Solid advice. And I hope to embrace your ideas and so much more. Hello Year of the Horse. Keep blogging Ashley ^ ^ I enjoy your point of view! Hugs.

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