I Will Not Look at Your Online Dating Profile If….

So, if I were to ever look at an online dating site, which I’m not saying I have, these are some guys I would not check out. IF I checked out online dating. *Cough. Cough* Maybe, perhaps, it could be that these are real life examples I’ve seen. I mean, my friend saw when she was online. Yeah…my friend.

1) Your main photo is of you and a deer carcass. (Remember, I live in West Virginia.)

2) Your main photo is you in the bathroom mirror. (You don’t have one friend that could take a picture for you?!)

3) Your username is Mr. Giggles

4)You admit that your photos are all more than 2 years old.

5)Your username is Lonely Guy. (Desperate much?)

6) You have a face tattoo. (Apparently you don’t have a job.)

7) You dont use apostrophes in your bio. Youre better than that.

8) You are wearing jorts in one of your profile pictures. (If you don’t know what jorts are, you need to Google that junk. Now. You might be a violator too!)

9) The first line of your info says, “I still live with my parents…”

10) You call yourself a tool in your profile.

Well, that was a waste of 30 minutes. I mean, my friend’s 30 minutes…

Do you have any that you would add?

4 thoughts on “I Will Not Look at Your Online Dating Profile If….

  1. 11) your profile picture is of a motorcycle/ skidoo/ falling apart car.

    12) You write something sarcastic in your profile then write (sarcasm!) after it.


  2. Thanks for reading Jessica. I had fun “researching” for this post. It’s a scary online dating world out there! Or, so my friend tells me. 😉

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