Mouth-to-Mouth at the Gym

Weird things always seem to happen to me when I exercise. In the evenings, I usually walk around my neighborhood. One time a man passed me riding a golf cart and asked me if I needed a ride. (I politely declined.) Another time, an older lady came running out of her house and insisted I unzip her dress! Apparently, she was home alone and was stuck in her dress. I chuckled and helped her.

The strangest one has to be when I was at the gym working out a while back. I hopped on the stair stepper, because the elliptical was occupied. I was listening to my iPod, just wanting to work out and keep to myself. Apparently the dude beside me didn’t care. Through my music, I heard this big, muscular guy say something to me. I turn down my music to hear him say, “These stair steppers are tough, huh?”

I mumble something like, “Yep, sure are.”

He goes on to say, “But girl, you’re killing that stair stepper!”

“Uh, thanks…”

He introduced himself to me, so I told him my name.

Then he said, “But I mean it’s natural to breathe heavy when you’re working out. So if you, uh, get out of breath and need mouth-to-mouth, I could help you out…”

I just started laughing. I mean, has that worked for him before?! Did a girl say to him, “Well, I’ve only known you for 3 minutes, but that sounds like a good idea!”

I stayed on the stair stepper for 3 or 4 more minutes, just to be polite, but then I moved on to another machine, laughing for the next 30 minutes as I finished my workout thinking about Mr. Mouth-to-Mouth.


5 thoughts on “Mouth-to-Mouth at the Gym

  1. Did this man happen to be working out in a polyester Leisure Suit with a butterfly collar, or like have a lot of chest hair, oddly shaped in a Q for Quagmire?? (Giggity, alright?? 😛 )

    That’s one of the big reasons why I don’t work out at the Gym anymore. Too many Scandinavian ripped dudes and Barbarian Amazons there want to make me their “biach.” I prefer to do squat thrusts at home and without the need of a mirror, nor a SPOTTER for…uhh..under the hood. Weirdos!! 😛 LOL

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