Blind as a Bat

In this day and age, how can blind dates even really exist anymore? We’ve all done it. Our friend wants to set us up with someone, so what’s the first thing we do? Look them up on Facebook. Google them. We do an image search and see what we come up with. Don’t you lie to me; I know you’ve done it!

One of my colleagues has been telling me for about a month that she has this really great guy she wants me to meet. Apparently, she’s already told him about me, and he wants to meet me too.

So, I ask what his name is (so I can webstalk him of course!), and, glory be, he doesn’t have an online presence! Now, how is that possible? Maybe you’re not on Facebook (which kinda scares me), but I can’t even find a picture of you anywhere on the World Wide Web? Not even a pic of you from winning your middle school spelling bee? Your stats from college cross country? Who are you? Do you even have a soul?!

So tomorrow I’m meeting this mystery man. I hate going in blind as a bat, not knowing a single thing about this guy besides his name and that he goes to church with my friend. I’m hoping that when I meet him he’ll be tall, dark, and handsome. I guess I’ll see…All’s I know is that if he has a dial up Internet connection, I’m out!


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