Is This Real Life?

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bad memory. I have excellent short term memory, but I tend to let events in the past slither into some hidden corner of my mind. So every once in a while, a friend will bring something up and say, “Remember when you…”, and that something usually hasn’t been thought about by me in several years, so I have to stop and think if that really did happen to me or if I watched it in a movie or something. (I know, I know. My life is so exciting I mistake it for movies.)

Just today a friend mentioned something about how I used to live across the road from a fireworks factory in China. (That sounds like the beginning a joke, huh?) The thing is, I had totally forgotten about that! I need to work that into everyday conversations more! Haha.

Allow me to explain how fun annoying interesting that situation was. Chinese people love fireworks. They set off fireworks for weddings, parties, the opening of a new restaurant or store, and maybe even to announce when they wake up in the morning. Needless to say, fireworks are in high demand. And how incredibly lucky for me that a major firework producer was separated from my apartment by a mere highway road. You wouldn’t think that having a factory close by would be a big problem, but it is when they are constantly testing the fireworks. At midnight. And 3 am. And 6 am. And now you might get an idea of why I don’t care for fireworks.

Near the end of my first year of teaching, 3 friends from America came to visit me. On one of their first nights there, we were sitting in my living room when they all start jumping up, “What was that?! It sounded like an explosion!” they all yelled as I sat calmly.

“What?” I asked. We sat quietly and listened for the sound again. Ah, the nightly fireworks. I hadn’t even heard it!

I guess that goes to show that you can get used to anything. Even the boom of fireworks overhead at 3 in the morning.
And years later you’ll be able to tell the story of how you lived next to a fireworks factory.



2 thoughts on “Is This Real Life?

  1. Isn’t it funny? I was thinking the same thing about construction in Thailand. It doesn’t drive me high and to the right, like it used to.

    Your story made me also think about driving across America and seeing houses next to the train tracks and think, “How can anyone live there?!” Now we know, you get used to it 😉

    • Sounds like you have the same experience! It’s funny what we can get used to. I have been enjoying your blog as well! I wish we used the same site! Thanks for reading!

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