You Are So Fashion!

I was so sad to see that in Tokyo there was no “Chinglish” like I always saw and heard in China. (Would it be Janglish in that case??) If you don’t know, Chinglish is incorrect English in China (Chinese English), which is usually quite comical. The title of this post “You Are So Fashion” is something I always heard my Chinese students say, and it always made me smile. So, I never heard this phrase in Japan, but I couldn’t help myself from using it to talk about fashion in Japan.

I felt like such a dweeb while I was in Tokyo! Everyone was so fashionable! I saw more suits in the 2 weeks I spent in Japan than the combined total of suits I’ve seen in my whole life. People pride themselves on looking fancy and fashionable.

Even though Japan is all about the latest fashions, you can also see the traditional as well. The kimono is not common now-a-days, but I did quite a few women wearing them. I’ve heard they are so difficult to wear that most young people don’t want to be bothered with them. They really are beautiful though. The traditional shoes are still worn with the kimono too. I like to think of them as wooden platform flip flops but with socks.

Japanese Fashion

Japanese Fashion

Lolita is one of the strangest fashion crazes I’ve ever seen. It’s when girls dress with tons of frill, lace, pastels, and bows. Imagine what a nursery rhyme would look like and you’ve got Lolita. This look usually incorporates petticoats, parasols, and sometimes even wigs. I saw this look quite a bit, but the best girl I saw at the bus station. She had on a pink wig, a frilly, lacy pink dress with cupcakes on it, a bonnet, pink shoes, and a pink purse with a teddy bear stuffed animal attached. So of course I secretly took a few pictures of her on my phone! (Hence the bad quality).

Japanese Fashion

Japanese Fashion

Another form of Lolita is Gothic Lolita, which I also witnessed. The girls were  still wearing the frills and lace, but it was darker. This is probably my favorite/most crazy fashion I saw.

Japanese Fashion

I saw the Gothic Lolita girls in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, which is known for its shopping but is famous for its strange fashion. Young people go to Harajuku to show off their imaginative outfits.

Strange Japanese Fashion

Weird Japanese Fashion

Strange Japanese Fashion

These are just a few of the run-ins I had with fashion while I was in Japan, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Lady Gaga would be proud!  Have you witnessed any weird fashion trends while visiting Japan? I’m also interested in hearing about the  fashion trends that surprised you anywhere you’ve been lately. Let’s hear it!

Now what did I do with my petticoat?


4 thoughts on “You Are So Fashion!

  1. Loved this article! I wonder if the bizarre Japanese cartoons are mirroring the fashion, the fashion is mirroring the cartoons, or they are organically growing together! hahaha

  2. I remember pouring over Japanese fashion books back in the States. Such amazing eye candy! I also went through a phase of searching for Japanese clothes online.

    Gwen Stefani has mentioned how inspired she was when she visited Japan, and I know that here in Thailand, Japanese and Korean fashion is very much copied.

    Found you through TEFL Bloggers and I must say, I would love it if you con’t to post pictures like these!!!

    • Thanks for reading Lani! I was surprised by Japanese fashion, because I guess I didn’t know much about it in the US. I have heard that Gwen Stefani’s dancers on stage are called “Harajuku Girls”, which I know now is after this area of Tokyo. Interesting!

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