Reunited And It Feels So Good

Today I was able to meet up with some Japanese people who I went to college with. I hadn’t seen them from anywhere from 2-6 years! We had such an amazing day! (And I got to take some pretty great pictures!)

Reunion with Friends

We met for lunch at a kaiten sushi restaurant. This is where everyone sits at a bar that’s in a circle and sushi goes by on a conveyor belt. A sushi train if you will. You just grab what you want, and they add up your total at the end by the color of plates you used. It was a very Japanese experience for me. My friend Haru even made me order some special items that weren’t on the conveyor IN JAPANESE! He just told me what to say and a few seconds later I got the sushi chef’s attention and repeated it. Haha. Speaking of my Japanese skills, I know about 6 words now- hello, goodbye, excuse me, chopsticks, noodles, and thank you. I could get by for about 2 years on those words!

Sushi in Japan


Then we went to Tokyo Bay, which is the gateway to the Tokyo Sea. This bay is an active, busy port. We walked across the Rainbow Bridge (think Golden Gate bridge), then went to a shopping area and rode a ferris wheel and had some ice cream.

After that, we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant, where our friend Tao is working. I hadn’t seen him for 6 years! We had a fun time reminiscing. The chef, who is from Italy, even came out to greet us, ask us how our food was, and gave us free dessert and coffee!

To close out the day, we stopped in the downtown Shinjuku area to see the night lights. It was SO crowded there and also on the subway in that area. That’s the place to be I guess!

Tokyo at night

Japanese Lantern

This was my only day off while in Japan, so I made full use of it and was gone for about about 12 straight hours. My feet hurt! But it’s worth it. :]

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