Japanese Approximations

*Disclaimer: The following statistics are approximations.

Number of times I have bowed since being in Japan: 500

Number of crows  seen/heard: 1,000

Number of pet foxes seen: 1

Number of times I have eaten tofu: 3

Number of times I have ordered sushi in Japanese: 1

Number of old friends I have seen: 4

Number of people I have seen in anime costumes: 5

Number of Japanese pop concerts I have stumbled upon: 1

Number of  ferris wheels ridden: 1

Number of mosquito bites: 4

Number of free desserts from Italian chefs: 1

Number of cigarette vending machines seen: 10

Number of times I have spoken in front of a church: 1

Number of times I have ridden the subway: 5 trillion

Number of buildings I have been in above the 45th floor: 2

Number of Japanese weddings witnessed: 1

Number of toilets that have starting playing music when I entered the stall: 1

Number of days I have been in Japan: 3

Can you believe I have witnessed this much and more in only 3 full days in Japan? We’ll see what else is in store for me! Which of these things do you want to hear the full story about? Let me know, and I’ll tell you!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more time to write about the great day I had today!


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