Tipping is such a strange thing to me that I sometimes don’t know how to deal with. It seems like we’re supposed to tip everyone these days. Of course we all know that we’re supposed to tip waiters at restaurants, but we’re also supposed to tip hairdressers, taxi drivers, and hotel maids. Where does it end?!

I feel that tipping some people is kind of ridiculous. I mean, they’re already getting paid to do their job. I understand about waiters since they get lower pay because they know they’re getting tipped. (But don’t get me starting on how angry I get with bad waiters, because we’re still expected to tip them!) But tipping a taxi driver? “Hey, you did a good job driving by not killing us. I better tip you.” What is that all about? I also understand tipping your hairdresser because she does a good job (plus I want to give her an incentive to squeeze me into her schedule when I call last minute for an appointment like I usually do!) And I hate tipping for things that are supposed to be free, like a FREE shuttle from the hotel to the airport. (Yes, this is what brought on this topic.) But, I’ll seem like a jerk if I don’t tip, and I’ll seem cheap too (which I actually am. Hah.)

Another thing is knowing how much to tip. Apparently 20% is the new 15%. And how much do you tip on something that’s free? (Apparently $2 is the answer to that question via shuttle experience this morning.)

It’s funny how tipping is different throughout the world too. Most of my travel is in Asia, where tipping is not expected. In fact, it can even be viewed as offensive! I remember once I tried to tip a taxi driver in China because he was extra helpful, and he actually threw the money out the window back at me! It was hard when I moved back to the US from China, because I got so used to not tipping! I hear there’s no tipping in Japan either, so I’m looking forward to that.

Who do you think it’s most important to tip? Who do you feel like you must tip, but you really don’t think you should?


3 thoughts on “Tipping

  1. I have often left a note with a bad waiter explaining how he can improve and get an actual tip from me. 🙂 I take tipping seriously.. technically it’s working for the extra money.. if you don’t work for it, you aren’t getting it from me. I love living in China where I don’t have to think about it. 🙂 miss you! Peter and I got skates… 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s become like the standing ovation for theater. Shows get standing ovations whether or not they deserve it when really only the best shows should get it – like the 20%. I feel like it takes the meaning out of it more. I still do tip my hairdresser though – she does a phenomenal job. You’ve seen my hair right?

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