Sorry Mom

Do you ever do anything and think “Sorry Mom”?

Know what I mean? Something you know is probably not the smartest thing, but you want to do it anyway. You can hear your mom yelling your name upon hearing about it. Yeah, it happens to us all.


I do it a lot when traveling. A few months ago, in March, when I traveled to northern China, I thought it would be a good idea to walk on a frozen river. Hey, Chinese people do it too. Sure, a grown Chinese woman probably weighs 100 pounds less than me, but I still had a try. I didn’t fall through. My mom didn’t yell at me. It was frozen through 10 feet deep anyway.


I may or may not have hitched a ride on the back of some guy’s motorcycle in Cambodia instead of taking a taxi. Also, there may or may not have been 3 of us on the motorcycle. Just use the phrase “may or may not” when telling your mom these stories. It softens the blow.

ImageThis obviously isn’t me, but it’s the same type of triple-person riding. However, this is nothing! I’ve seen 5 people on a motorcycle at once. No big deal.

Moving to China to teach English for 2 years was probably the biggest thing I had to say “sorry mom” about. And, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It changed my life.


But, you have to do what’s best for YOU- what you feel like you need to do. Sometimes it’s hard to  make a decision, especially a big one, that you know your friends and family, and, yes, even your mom, may not agree with or support. But I strongly believe that you know yourself the best. Of course you take into consideration the opinions and advice of those close to you, but ultimately, you need to make the decision. This is on little things and on big things. I know some people who don’t make a move without asking others what to do. You’re a big girl. You don’t have to say “sorry mom” .

P.S.- Don’t tell my mom I wrote this  :]

4 thoughts on “Sorry Mom

  1. I love this post. Yes, I’ve done many things that I have to apologize to my mother for (and then say, “but aren’t you happy I told you after? I’m alive!”), but I particularly love your last paragraph. This morning, I was offered a job teaching in China, and I have to decide soon. I know I want to take it, but certain responsibilities (like my adorable puppy) are making me question my options. In the end though, everything works out as it should. Right?

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