How to be a Hipster in 5 Easy Steps!

It seems that being a hipster is ,well, hip. So, if you wanna be a cool kid, just follow these 5 steps:

1) Buy a pair of TOMS. In fact, buy a pair in every color. They’re only about $65 a pop. You should specifically focus on buying a vegan pair. (I didn’t know they made vegan shoes! I thought only food could be vegan. I guess this shows how much of a hipster I am not.) Alternatively, Chucks will work in an extreme emergency!

2) If you’re a male, grow facial hair and lots of it! A huge beard or just a mustache on its own will do. Actually, just love mustaches in general.

3) Buy all your clothes at thrift stores. Tell people you buy your clothes there. Bonus points if you find and wear Bill Cosby sweaters. Be sure and always mention, “I got this whole outfit for 4 dollars” when wearing a great thrift store find.

4) Hate popular things that most people enjoy. Specifically, hate Starbucks. Too many people go there. Too many people love their coffee. Instead, go to the underground local coffee house that has bongo jam sessions on Sunday afternoons.

5) And lastly, and most importantly, claim you aren’t a hipster. Say you hate hipsters. Hipsters are too trendy. How dare someone call you one!



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