What Gives Girls Their Magical Powers?!

At the beginning of each English class, I have my students journal for 5 minutes. I always give them a topic, and some of the topics are ones they have suggested. Recently we did the following topic: “If you could be the opposite sex for the day, what would you do.” Oh, the answers! To the people walking by office today hearing me cackle to myself with tears rolling down my cheeks, I apologize for disrupting your day. The girls’ answers about being guys were mostly about not having to shower or put on make-up or do their hair. The guys were a little more creative…..
If I were a girl I would:
  •  probably just sit around and watch depressing movies all day like girls do. I’ve never really understood why they do that.
  •  do my hair. I could put on some make-up. I think I would try and go tanning. I’ve never went tanning before.
  • try to get free stuff from guys, because men will do anything for a pretty girl!
  • not do that, because it would be really weird.
  •  find out what gives girls their magical powers!
  •  name myself Destiny. (This dude must have previously put some thought into this!)
  •  dot my i’s with little hearts and not be judged for it.
  • learn how to make a sandwich. (There were actually a lot of sandwich jokes!)
  •  figure out the correct answer to “Does this outfit make me look fat?”
  • figure out how chicks are always right. 
I hope you got a kick out of these like I did! Oh, college freshmen! 

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