I’m Guilty

It’s time for me to admit it. It’s true. I like hip hop! Here’s the thing though- I can’t really relate to hip hop. I don’t drive a fast car. I drive a ’99 Grand AM. I don’t toss my money up in the air. I usually just use my debit card. I can’t really do the dougie, the bernie, or the catdaddy. In fact, I can’t even do the cha cha slide very well. And I’m a Christian, so I try and stay away from the stuff they rap about, so why get those lyrics stuck in my head?

The only Christian music I had ever really heard was the pop stuff that comes on the radio. Soooo not me. So, I was really excited when I first started hearing some Christian music that I actually liked, some hip hop with good beats and good, encouraging lyrics.

My first discovery was Lecrae, a rapper from Atlanta. His newest album “Rehab” was released in September of 2010. I just saw him in concert in Cincinnati this past weekend, and it was a great show! This is his video for “Just Like You”. I would also recommend “Killa” and “Background”. Ok, and pretty much the whole album!

When Tedashii’s new album “Blackout” first came out a few months ago, it was number 2 on iTunes hip hop chart. That’s saying something, huh? His first track out was “Riot”. You should also check out the track “Dum Dum” featuring Lecrae.

You looking for a little R&B? How about Chris Lee Cobbins instead of Usher? (Unflattering screenshot I know. Sorry dude.)

There is even Christian reggae, which I NEVER would have even thought to ask about! Benjah is great!

Even if you’re not looking for Christian music, don’t  exclude this from your iTunes library just because it’s Christian music. It’s good music too. Give it a try! Who’s your favorite Christian hip hop artist?


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