Tatted Up!

Tattoos. They have been around for centuries. People often get them to commemorate a big life event, show their likes and interests, or to display art. However, I contend that some people get them because they are idiots and also allow idiots to give them their tattoos.

Cases in point:

Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins got a tattoo to celebrate his hockey team’s Stanley Cup Championship win.

The media has been making fun of him, because it wasn’t spell-checked apparently. I’m pretty sure it says “Starley Cup Chanpians”. Nice move dude!

We’re not even gonna talk about Mike Tyson and his face tattoo. The Hangover already took care of that.

Lil Wayne’s whole body is covered in tattoos. He’s got tears on his face, which usually indicate how many people you’ve killed. (Yikes!) He’s got Fear and God on his eyelids. (Ouch!) …and also some sort of ampersand on his forehead. I don’t get it.

However, my favorite rapper tattoo would have to be Gucci Mane though! It’s weird enough that he has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face, but it also says “Brrr” on it and has a lightning bolt coming out of the top. Rappers don’t have to get normal people jobs, and, therefore, do not have to worry about going to job interviews. Can you imagine someone coming in to interview for a job for you with a tattoo of a dessert on their face?

And lastly, as an English teacher, here are some misspelled or ungrammatical tattoos….

In conclusion, please THINK BEFORE YOU INK! Otherwise you’ll end up with an ice cream cone on your face!


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