I Hate Everything

There’s a really funny book by Matthew DiBenedetti called “I Hate Everything”. He says people love to hate, but we usually don’t share our pessimism, because people are constantly talking about their love for kittens, rainbows, and babies.  In his book, he lists everything he hates from poetry to drooling in his sleep. So, in an effort to band with Matthew and band against puppies and unicorns, I am making my own “I Hate Everything” list. Enjoy. No, scratch that. I hope you hate this.

-I hate people that misuse the word “literally”. For example, they say “I was literally rolling on the floor laughing.” No, no you weren’t.

– I hate peanut butter.

-I hate when people are making out in their profile pictures on social networking sites.

– I hate waking up early in the morning.

-I hate that most things start early in the morning.

-I hate doing dishes.

-I hate kid leashes.

-I hate that I sometimes think about getting one for my future child.

-I hate the sound that cardboard makes. Styrofoam too.

– I hate that we still use Styrofoam when we know it’s bad for the earth.

-I hate burning the roof of my mouth on hot food.

-I hate waiting for hot food to cool down.

Do you hate any of these things? What do you hate? Read this book if you get a chance. You’ll love it. Uh, I mean you’ll hate it!


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