Is Bahrain Even a Real Place?

“You don’t know how much you know until you know how much you don’t know.”

Isn’t this such a true statement? Every once in a while I’ll hear something and think-how did I not know this before now? I hate when I hear news about a country that I’ve never even heard of. Like Bahrain in the Middle East. I just discovered this place a few months ago! I’m not sure why, but I really want to know the names of all the countries in the world and where they’re located. I’ve practiced it a little, but I need to do more. The European countries and the African countries are the most difficult! I pretty much have Asia mastered, even all the “Stan” countries. (Try not to be too impressed.)

I remember in Mrs. Lawless’ 3rd grade class we competed to see who knew more state capitals. I used to kick tail in the game Around the World! Maybe I just need to play around the world with country names and locations. Anybody up for that? No? Hmph. Ok.

Don’t get mad at me if you waste an hour or two on Sporcle , but it’s a fun site that can show you how little you really know. I suggest playing the one about the countries of the world of course. I got 99/195. Wow. Only 51%. Hmmm… I still think I actually got a lot though! Play and let me know how many you get. And DON’T CHEAT! Cheaters never win, Revelation 21:8, nice guys don’t really finish last, and all that jazz. Here’s the link. Let me know how you do.


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